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The Power of Math and the “Wizardry” of Nate Silver

With social science, Silver demonstrated the predictive power of statistics. He almost single-handedly made pre-election punditry obsolete.

Obama's Secret Weapon In The South: Small, Dead, But Still Kickin'

Plankton, yes PLANKTON, responsible for Obama winning certain counties in the South. Inneresting.

What If the Presidential Election Is a Tie?

So theoretically with a tied electoral vote, we could end up with both Romney and Obama in the White House.

Starting a band…

Starting a band…

An Awesome Book, a little book about dreaming big.

Check this out with your wee ones!

How We Nearly Lost Discovery | Wayne Hale's Blog

"Now that Discovery is safely delivered to the Smithsonian, I think I can tell the story of how we nearly lost her in July of 2005, and how well-intentioned, highly motivated,  hard-working, smart people can miss the most obvious."


A Where Wolf?

A Where Wolf?

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